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How You Can Win With Money

Foundation of Financial Success

  1. Money has a time value- Money you have today is worth more to you today than money you have later on. If you invest the money you have today into revenue generating activities, then you can generate more money.

  2. There is a risk vs. reward relationship- The bigger the risk you take, the bigger your expected reward should be. Furthermore, the bigger the risk, the higher the possibility of loss is. Without risk there is NEVER going to be reward!

  3. Finance is not just actions- 80 percent of personal finance has to do with your inner self. Inner being includes: beliefs, values, perceptions, subconscious filters, emotions. We are born as babies who have not been programmed yet. Everything we know and do is learned. You can be reprogrammed to align with your goals. Remember that your mind and body want to work together to form one smooth operating system.

  4. Opportunity Cost- Choices = Outcomes & Pros vs. Cons. This is the loss of possible gain from other alternatives. For every choice you make with your money, there is another possible choice that may be better suited for your situation. Every choice comes with potential cost or gain. Weigh your options and align them with your goals. Do not settle for your first thought or first choice. Always challenge the status quo.

  5. Protection- Even though you are building wealth, you must protect what you already have along the way. Everything you make is worthless if a catastrophe happens suddenly and YOU lose it all. Prepare for emergencies and expect them to occur. It is not a matter of IF they will happen rather when.

* If you lay down a solid foundation before you build your house you will whether the storms that are inevitable to come your way! *

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Anthony Matteson

CEO Elevation Solace LLC

Neuro Transformational Financial Coach

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Inspiring Financial Self Sufficiency

Anthony Matteson is a Speaker & Trainer, Life & Business Coach, and Certified in Neuro Transformational Coaching. He is a decorated United States Navy Veteran, husband, and father of two daughters. His goal is to see minds renewed, financial freedom found, and the skills needed to keep forward momentum through all of life's experiences. New Mind, Increased wealth and power, self-sufficiency! 

Phone: 815-668-5581

Email: customerservice@elevationsolace.com

Office: Poplar Grove, Illinois

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