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Financial Identities- What is Your Identity?

Most people have a false belief that their identity is based on their accomplishments, level of wealth, self judgements, outside criticism, size of their house, number of belongings they have, Type of vacations they can afford to go on and so forth. As humans we like to measure our financial success. People do this incorrectly all the time. The truth is that financial identities are not linked to our productivity or outcomes at all!

Our identity tends to become confused as well with the roles that we play in our daily lives. You may be a parent, a brother, a sister, grandmother or grandfather, lawyer, electrician. Our identities also become confused with our feelings and our self talk. We tell ourselves that we are loving, kind, patient, motivated, tenacious, hard working, driven, achievement oriented, goal driven, etc. These things are all attributes that play a humungous role in our daily lives, however, they do not define who you are or your financial identity.

You see, your mind and subconscious goes through a process. You perform an action or say something in a social setting or around a group that you are associated with. Then, Based on those individual's beliefs and values that they have programmed and formed through various personal experience they place a label on you. You interpret the label and choose whether it aligns with how you see yourself or how you want to be portrayed as to others. After this choice you form a value around saying or doing certain things that you have learned from. Your actions follow suit with this belief and value and you engage in more, less, or none of the actions or phrases that you were before.

When you fall into this negative vicious cycle you allow the outside world to judge you and YOU let yourself perceive these judgements as truth. Once you belief that these things are true you form false values or beliefs around it and your actions follow right behind you. After completing multiple cycles of this throughout your life you no longer know how to control your thoughts, actions, beliefs, values, and ultimately end up feeling a sense of not belonging, being misunderstood, or not fulfilling your destiny.

* We can feel things, see things, hear things, be involved in social or work gatherings, "succeed" or "fail," and be NONE of those things at our CORES. *

As a financial coach I understand how to help you align your thoughts, beliefs, values, and actions all to align with your goals and empower you to be who you want to be! Each and every thing that you say, think, listen to, take appropriate action on, impacts your subconscious' view of your identity. It takes constant neurological work to keep all of these in alignment. With a coach who is also an accountability partner and financial expert, you will be able to reach new heights and live out the financial life that you have always thought highly of. No two people are the same.

**There is no cookie cutter plan that any GURU can create that will solve your dilemmas. You need a financial coach who can guide your mind, body, and spirit and implement realistic financial plans and evaluation methods into your routine so that you can see results.**

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Anthony Matteson

CEO Elevation Solace LLC

Neuro-Transformational Financial Coach

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Inspiring Financial Self Sufficiency

Anthony Matteson is a Speaker & Trainer, Life & Business Coach, and Certified in Neuro Transformational Coaching. He is a decorated United States Navy Veteran, husband, and father of two daughters. His goal is to see minds renewed, financial freedom found, and the skills needed to keep forward momentum through all of life's experiences. New Mind, Increased wealth and power, self-sufficiency! 

Phone: 815-668-5581

Email: customerservice@elevationsolace.com

Office: Poplar Grove, Illinois

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